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B.L.A.S.T.- Building Lives Around Solid Truth.

B.L.A.S.T. Is a Christian based Non Profit Organization that operates according to the philosophy that Women veterans have earned the respect and gratitude of our nation. In return, we shall provide them with whatever services are needed for them to regain their self-confidence, self-esteem, respect, integrity, and financial freedom that they fought so hard to achieve for all of us.

At BLAST Foundation, we uphold our promise to make women Veteran lives better by fulfilling our daily commitment to connect women Veterans to tools, skills, & training that will help them build better lives and become self-sufficient. As part of this work, we develop strong community partnerships, bringing our collective networks and expertise to help women Veterans grow and thrive with respect and dignity.


BLAST Foundation was established in 2016 by Dr. Laura Narry, to provide a safe-haven where women Veterans & their children could continue their recovery from PTSD & domestic abuse in a safe environment. Dr. Narry’s larger vision is to build a community for homeless women Veterans & their families that will provide temporary & permanent housing and the services needed to help women Veterans & their families overcome the barriers to productive, self-sufficient lives.


At BLAST Foundation, we strive to stay involved and engaged with our community by hosting events and participating in local events throughout western PA. We believe the community needs to understand the challenges our women Veterans & their families face when they return home.


With your generous donations of items such as food, clothing, monetary donations, property, or vehicles you can help to fund the resources and programs offered to Veterans while also helping to further our mission of ending homelessness among Veterans in the region.


Interested in donating your time or talents to helping women Veterans in need? BLAST Foundation has many valuable opportunities for you to get involved and assist women Veterans & their families on their journey to a sustainable life. Use your passion to support our purpose by getting involved today!

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Careers For Vets

Do you own a business? Want to give a Veteran a job? Let us know what positions you have available and what qualifications they need to fill your position. Join us to help a woman Veteran obtain a job and help her family earn a sustainable income so she can raise her family with the integrity, respect and dignity she has earned.

The Honor and Assist Campaign

Honor a loved-one and support a woman Veteran & her family in need at the same time. For as little as the cost of a $5 birthday gift, you can honor a Veteran loved-one on their birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc. throughout the year by sharing a special photo in memory of them and donating monthly in their honor to provide support to a woman Veteran in need.

Your generous donation will help continue to fund the resources and programs offered to women Veterans & their family members and will contribute greatly to our mission of ending homelessness among women Veterans & their families in the region. Please fill out the form below with a personalized message and attach your photo.

At BLAST Foundation, we believe that it is important to honor those who have served our country and to remember the sacrifices they have made for all of us. This gallery serves as an opportunity for you to honor a loved-one and assist a woman Veteran & their family in need at the same time.

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BLAST Foundation -ZAMA Dynasty Holistic Village soon to be developed 

  “It takes a village to build a village.”

The BLAST Foundation -ZAMA Dynasty Holistic Village was conceived in conjunction with Veterans For Recovery out of an altruistic commitment to provide our Veterans and their families quality affordable housing in a supportive community that will provide an “old-fashioned sense of neighborhood” and a diverse array of professional and personal development opportunities.

As it stands, the project will consists of 50 homes, an apartment building, and a veteran resource center. The site will also offer vegetable and fruit gardens & green houses for sustainable food sources, and a public holistic restaurant .

ZAMA Dynasty Holistic Village transitional housing & permanent housing, on-site case management, food, clothing, transportation, child care subsidy/assistance, employment support and other essential supportive services to homeless women Veterans and their children encompassed in a holistic environment.

ZAMA Dynasty focuses on integrating women Veterans & their families back into their local communities and providing vast, safe and suitable residential areas to choose from. Our program is a collaboration with our resource partners that includes targeted supportive services to assist women Veterans in reaching their goals. We also assist with permanent placement once Veterans are ready to transition from our residential facilities if they choose to live somewhere else.

ZAMA Dynasty Eligibility

1. Must have a verified DD-214*. (*Requires completion of initial service obligation (ISO), unless medically discharged) 2. Must be willing to adhere to terms of the Resident Agreement and 2-Year Plan for Independence. Note 1: Discharges beyond under honorable conditions will be looked at on a case by case basis. Note 2: Financial education classes are mandatory as part of the Program.

Financial Education

The purpose of FE (Financial Education) is to prevent homelessness by training in ways to ease financial hardships. Our F.E program also provides valuable financial education resources on saving, budgeting and living on a fixed income. Residents of our ZAMA Dynasty program are required to participant in the financial education component of our F.E program. The F.E program is open to women Veterans and members of the U.S. Military Reserve and Guard component forces, regardless of their location.


1. Proof of Veteran* status or current U.S. Military Reserve/Guard component service. (*Requires completion of initial service obligation (ISO), unless medically discharged)

2. Copies of the bills that you are having difficulty paying (must be past due).

3. Military I.D. (if Reserve or Guard)

4. Additional documents such as an Employment Letter may also be requested.

Contact us to apply for our FE program.