Our Programs

We operate a homeless women veterans transitional housing program. This project provides transitional housing and supportive services for homeless veterans.

BLAST offers individual homes & shared apartments as transitional housing & abuse shelter programs are available to female Veterans and their families who are homeless or at a risk of becoming homeless. The staff at BLAST is dedicated to helping every individual realize their goals for housing, employment, education, and independent living. The program focuses on individuals who demonstrate a motivation to live & work in the community.

BLAST Foundation houses are located throughout the greater Pittsburgh, Pa region. Where the residents have access to a fully-stocked kitchen, laundry room, computer lab, social meeting areas, & fitness equipment. Each resident pitches in to complete daily chores thus maintaining a clean & comfortable home for all who live there.

The transitional housing program is designed for 6 months to 24 months. We will NEVER put someone out on the street for no reason. If someone does not work with out program or cannot stay with us, we will make sure they have a safe place to go for everyone involved.

Alongside their assigned Case Managers & Vocational Specialists, residents establish goals in the areas of housing, income, & self-reliance. In addition, based on the individual’s needs, & desires, they will also attend living skills classes, prep-employment workshops, & computer classes or entrepreneurial workshops. If residents cannot work, the staff will assist in filing for disability and continually encourages them to volunteer & other meaningful opportunities in the community. No one is left

behind, or left to feel useless and unwanted. Not on our watch!

BLAST Foundation -ZAMA Dynasty Holistic Village
Permanent housing ( Still in the development stage)

BLAST Housing also offers the opportunity for our members to purchase their own home on our property , on a separate location, or become eligible for our a Permanent Supportive Housing Program which consists of apartment building, each with three bedrooms, providing permanent supportive housing with case management services to formerly homeless Veterans & their families. Each tenant has their own bedroom and shares a kitchen, bathroom, & common living space with two other people if single individuals living together.

This permanent supportive housing will be owned and operated by BLAST Foundation & will be partly funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). BLAST Housing will be

located within western Pa. Residents at BLAST Housing will pay 37% of their gross income for rent, which includes all utilities. Residents are independent & are offered supportive services from their assigned VA case manager. These services include money management, assistance with daily living skills, transportation assistance, monitoring of their mental health & medical needs, support around recovery from substance use, help with entitlements, & vocational services. The residents also enjoy on-site access to free laundry facilities & a backyard space with a garden, gas grill, & picnic area fully secured and protected.